This is a blog with no niche. It won’t cover one particular hobby or try to be a go-to source for some esoteric interest group like woodworkers or Trappist beer connoisseurs. This is a place where I write what I want and hope to entertain or inform whoever wanders by. The only disclaimer I have is that I am an adult, so I have adult ideas and sometimes use adult language.

I recently returned to the United States after three years living and working abroad – 2 in Istanbul, Turkey and 1 in Taipei, Taiwan. I am lawyer, professor, writer, reader, and huge geek. While I am a lawyer, I will never be giving out any legal advice (it’s not that kind of blog). I am also not a journalist. I’m just a guy with a lot of ideas.

Once you are totally won over, feel free to follow me on Twitter @John_S20. If you have questions, concerns, or hate mail send it to thenonicheblog@gmail.com.

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