The Next Great Superhero Project

And we’re back. I have to tell those that are expecting the next installment of the Doom Retrospective that while the series is not finished, I wanted to give other characters similar treatment and so Doom is on a tiny hiatus. What makes the Doom Restrospective fun is that villains, especially in the Silver Age of comics, are easy objects of ridicule. They many times come across as moronic caricatures of evil. It’s a blast. One of the downsides, however, is that villains appear only seldomly, and there are so many issues of other heroes and villains being lolworthy, that I decided I wanted to focus on a hero for a bit. This will keep the narrative a bit smoother and allow me to take the reader on a ride with the character by following their adventures issue to issue. The question then became what hero on which to focus?

Honestly, it was an easy question. I wanted to write about a character who is one of my favorites but also one that does not have a million appearances. People like Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and Wolverine have their own solo titles plus they are in team books like the Avengers and X-Men. Trying to track down and then write about all those appearances would take time and effort that I simply can’t afford. Shockingly, I settled on my favorite superhero of all-time, a C-lister at Marvel but an A-lister in my heart.

Also my desktop wallpaper for three years and counting.

Also my desktop wallpaper for three years and counting.

Danny Rand, the Immortal Iron Fist. Lots of appearances, but his first thirty are lined up really neatly and then even after that, he only starred in Power Man and Iron Fist for 77 issues. It’s a way more manageable number (ignoring guest appearances for now), and in fact, I think Doom has nearly as many appearances as Danny. Ok, so that’s the plan. Now, some words of warning. One, Danny was created in the 1970’s, so while there will definitely be some ridiculous and head-scratching moments, the overall goofiness of the 60’s is not going to be present. Therefore, my musings will be slightly more serious. Second, I love Iron Fist, so I will happily gush about how awesome he is and only make fun of him when he truly deserves it. Third, the 70’s were a crazy time. You’ll see.

So stay tuned, Iron Fist is on his way!

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